Pitch Black Ops

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  • "Blacker than black." – Secrecy is paramount at all times.
  • "What Company?" – To this end, there is no home base or headquarters . . .
  • "Don't call us, we'll call you." – . . . all communications with the Company are via chip-encrypted smart phone . . .
  • "Don't get caught." – . . . and the Company will not extract or legally defend Agents who get caught.
  • "You are ghosts." – Agents can't own property, start families, or otherwise put down roots. To do that, retire and collect your pay.
  • "It's only money." – Similarly, equipment is issued, not personal. Anything that could be identified later will be replaced between operations.
  • "Weapons are free." – Deadly force is authorized, but collateral damage is to be avoided and unnecessary deadly force means dismissal.

He adds one further note that's less a rule than a request: The Company is new and the Agents present are among those in the Company's first cohort. They should be aware that there will be far more jobs than there are teams until the Company builds up manpower. To this end, the Agents should always have their eyes open for potential recruits. They aren't to approach such people, only to pass along word to their handlers.

Characters[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

250 CP, Action 1 Templates - man darf aber auch frei bauen. Jeder muss English plus eine zweite Sprache auf "Native" Level (Reden und Schreiben/Lesen) beherrschen. Action Template User nehmen diese Punkte aus ihren Advantages. Dasselbe gilt für Cultural Familiarity: Western müssen alle nehmen, eine Zweite kann frei gewählt werden (Latino, Arabian, African, Asian).