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War Against Terror

The PCs are an antiterrorist squad, battling fanatics at home. They need investigators and shooters, and a demolition man to take care of the inevitable bombs.

On a large team, a hacker, an infiltrator, and/or a wire rat could greatly help with investigations. Medic and wheel man are necessary but less-exciting roles, perhaps best left to NPCs. A face man is optional unless the brass need lotsof convincing. Assassins and cleaners lower the team to the enemy’s level – use with caution. Backgrounds are normally law enforcement, military, and/or security.


Brad Chowerr

Brad ist nicht irgend ein Investigator, er ist der Investigator. Über Umwege kam er vom FBI zum CIA, dann zur NSA und schliesslich zu CTU LA.

Shooter (Rifle)

Ein Spezialist im Umgang mit Gewehren, sein Handwerk hat er im Militär erlernt.